Roleplay is a great way to get involved with the community and make Tyria come alive, but it can be intimidating for new roleplayers or for those new to the Guild Wars universe.

Never fear - that's why these articles are here! They're a work in progress, but hopefully they will help you generate your character and find a solid place in the world for them. And remember, the best way to learn to roleplay is to just jump in and do it! Experience is the best teacher.

If there's an topic that hasn't been covered yet but that you'd like to see, make a comment on this page, and we'll try to get to it soon.
Conversely, if you're a seasoned roleplayer or feel you know the GW universe well, why not chip in and write a guide of your own?

The Basics

An Introduction to Roleplaying - The basics of the basics, for newcomers and confused non-roleplayers alike!
Roleplaying Glossary - A list of common roleplay-specific terms, abbreviations and acronyms.
Best Practices - Avoid the common pit-falls! This will help you learn how best to interact with others in-character.
Roleplay Misconceptions - Now that you know what RP is, you can know what RP is not!

Creating a Character Concept

Comprehensive Naming Guide - What's in a name?
Racial Naming Conventions - Need more help with names? Look here for tips!
Merits and Flaws - How can you make your character feel realistic? Give them merits and flaws to round out your concept!

Race-Specific Character Guides

Charr Character Guide
Human Character Guide
Norn Character Guide
Sylvari Character Guide
A Comprehensive Guide to All Things Sylvari
Asura Lore Guide

Other Guides

The Scholar's Library - A list of links for deeper reading about the races and lore of Tyria.
Noble Family Creation
Guide to the Magic of Tyria